New Seed Industries, LLC

New Seed Industries, LLC, is a Christian publishing company established in 2009 to create and offer life changing inspired works to teach, empower and to encourage everyone, especially our youth, that their life has purpose.

Our mission is to inspire others using creative ideas through teaching, by means of books, artwork, education, games, etc. Knowledge is power and the more we learn about our life’s mission and purpose, we discover that we can be world changers. For we are a people filled with hope, love, joy, peace and victory!

Our goal is reached when those inspired works plant seeds of hope, to allow others to know that all you will ever need to fulfill your life’s purpose and mission is to have a personal, intimate relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

Words from the Publisher, Melanie Staten

In a time where there is so much unrest and violence; especially among the younger generation, people are feeling hopeless and helpless. You and I can make a difference in the lives of others. Knowledge is power! We have the teaching materials available to educate our youth, to allow them to see that their life matters and life can be lived on purpose and with a purpose. We want it to be known that Jesus is the better way!

We can be reached via email: or by telephone at (248) 738-6909.


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