What to Expect on Sunday Morning


Time to Worship

We believe that Sunday worship is not a passive event which the congregation sits and watches, but an encounter with God. We believe that our worship to God is supernatural and manifest the atmosphere of heaven. Our expression of Worship through songs, dance, music and etc. is because our hearts are filled with our love for Christ. We asked that you join us in our worship and praises until HIM. We are so thankful for His grace and mercy that He has shown us by saving us.

Service includes intercessory prayers for our families, our cities, nations, healing and deliverance of souls and revelation knowledge of the Kingdom of God.

We provide opportunities for the sick, diseases and affected to be minister to every Sunday with prayer and intercession.
Communion is offered every quarter or more to the congregation. Communion recalls the table fellowship Jesus shared with his disciples and in particular the Last Supper.

Our Youth meet in the Gathering Room for Youth Service. After service coffee and tea is offered.